Saturday, June 29, 2013


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The House on Prospect Street…

The house at 704 Prospect Street in East Jordan, Michigan, has brought some youthful memories.  It was painted white back in 1960 when my grandmother, Mary Shepperly Dolezel, lived there with my Uncle Cy.   Her other children were scattered throughout Michigan in Flint, Royal Oak and Bay City so the summer visits were special. 

She must have looked forward to our visits and filled the house with wonderful aromas of baking bread, fried cakes, and molasses cookies.  Her meals were simple and based on her German heritage.

The grandchildren slept upstairs but never complained if it was too hot up there.  One granddaughter was even able to play the old pump organ in the hall.  Such wonderful sounds come from that musical instrument.   I can’t remember exactly what it looked like but I can still hear the melodious chords.

A typical day at Grandma’s house usually included a trip to the Tourist Park just outside of the town.  We’d spend hours digging in the sand and swimming in the southern arm of beautiful Lake Charlevoix.  On occasion, the children were treated to a visit to the caged deer to give the animals a bit of dried corn.

We all knew that Grandma needed a break when she handed you a banana, told you to take it outside and eat it slowly.  So then we would patter off to the Pray’s house to play with their girls and dig in their giant sand pile.

We were creative, inventive, and playful.  Our grandma did not have to entertain us – she had the perfect environment to conjure up our own entertainment.

My grandma passed away in 1960 – I was only 9 so a lot of these memories are from stories retold by older siblings.  Her funeral was near Halloween so after the ceremonies, when the sky turned dark, family friends helped us create some costumes to play trick-or-treat right in East Jordan. 

I don’t remember going back to East Jordan as a child after her passing.  I did return years later to see the house on Prospect Street and reminisce about times gone by. 

Every time I have a banana, I think of Grandma Dolezel and “eat it slowly”.

Constance Dolezel Bolander

June 27, 2013
... and another written by my sister....

June 28, 2010


Grandma Dolezel had a garden in her back yard, pretty far back from the wood shed, where I suppose she grew some vegetables, and where I know she grew rows of gladiolas.  For the life of me, I have not been able to remember what color they were.  It seems to me there were white ones, and some red ones, and for some reason I think some of them were variegated. But truthfully I don’t remember for sure what colors they REALLY were, only that there were quite a few, and she really loved them.  Now whenever I see gladiolas I think of Grandma Dolezel and that patch of land behind her house.

From back there, you could see the hill we climbed one time to have picnic somewhere overlooking East Jordan.  It seemed at the time to be very far off from where we “lived” with Grandma, but it was probably no more than half a mile away.  If you walked off in the other direction from the garden, you would end up at the very wonderful sand pile! There we could play for hours at a time with any number of kitchen implements donated from Grandma’s well stocked kitchen.  And some time during the day, Ellen Pray’s Grandma would come over and, if it was cold tell us we were dressed too warmly and, if it was hot tell us we needed to put a sweater on. 

Over in front of the wood shed was a huge chestnut tree, on which Uncle Cy hung a rope swing. We have a picture of Christy on the swing as a tow-headed toddler. It stayed there for us to swing on until Grandma died.  That and the martin house were the quiet places to which we were banished when our grandmother needed some quiet time; she’d send us outside with a banana, admonishing us to “eat it slowly”.  I was a teenager before I figured out that there was no  physiological reason why bananas had to be eaten slowly… the reason was that Grandma Dolezel wanted her grandchildren out of her hair for a while.

Written by Marjorie Dolezel Timmer



Feeling Groovy!  I took on the challenge of making a starburst scrapbook 2-page layout and chose wonderful photos from my DD and SIL' wedding last September (2012). 

It was a groovy wedding - in a state park by a lake and surrounded by high rocky hills.  They kept costs at a minimum by being creative.  He's an English Professor and she is a Fine Arts major.  DD made all the flowers (with a bit of help from SIL and me) and they were gorgeously cut from atlases and books.  Then the flowers were carefully tied together using floral wire and tape - each flower individually made. 

I wish you all could have been there but maybe seeing this beautiful LO will give you a glimpse of the magic of that day!  My best day that year. 

Love you so much, DD and SIL.  You've helped me find my place!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I have been playing with Faber Casteel gelatos, water and a glue gun to get the effect on this mixed media piece on watercolor paper.  Vivien Key (Contadina K) has been my inspiration to jump out of the box and into some beautiful abstracts.  The coloring of the gelatos blend together so well and it was one of my "projects" while on vacation earlier this month.  The second step was to add the glue gun vascilary effect

Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's just a machine!

FedEx has arrived and delivered my Sizzix Eclips #3!  Keep praying that this one will last longer! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


If you have never been on the Mackinaw Bridge in Michigan, here's a video to give you a simulated experience!
Ken & I had a fantastic trip to Mackinaw Island yesterday via the Arnold line.  After spending a good part of the day on the Island, we returned and crossed THE BRIDGE!  Ken's first time in the Upper Peninsula and we have photos to prove it!
We have lots of photos to scrap and memorialize this adventure.  More to come!

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Well, I've been without my Sizzix Eclips machine for about 2 weeks now and am slowly getting out of withdrawal.  I've learned to cut freehand and make circles with other tools that have been sitting in a drawer for a very long time. 

The month of challenges from Let's Scrap is just about over - there are a few challenges that end June 7; however, I am on vacation in Northern Michigan and left the scrapbooking supplies home.  I want to spend some time with water colors and gelatos and may create some interesting backgrounds for future use.

Hopefully my new Eclips machine will be delivered while I'm gone and I can get creative with it again.  My DD, Diana, says I really don't need it but she has never seen my freehand drawing!

Happy Spring to all and to all a goodnight!


You are my HAPPY!

Just a beautiful card based on a Let's Scrap sketch,  I used washi tape to make a border and then some glittery paper, lacy lace, pretty flower and some pearls to let someone know how  happy they make me.  Turned out pretty cool.
A wonderful photo of Ken & I at my niece's wedding last July.  Of course it was our FIRST dance and the song was "Endless Love".  Aw!  So touching.  I used Creative Memory borders mixed together as a background for the photo - lots of fun to use only one photo and white cardstock!
This was a challenge to use water to distress the page anyway you wanted.  I dedicated this to wonderful Bocesus as she is very patient with her weekly bath to keep the itchies away (she has food allergies).  The pictures were precious and the I love the way the pastels brought everything together.

A tribute to my Mom!  The journaling is "She loved the beach, not the water.   She didn't talk much, but said a lot!  Beautiful Lady, RIP"  This was my first time to use burlap with scrapping and it help make a nice nautical type theme.  The chipboard banners spell "mom"!